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Classics Part 1: Casual Vibes


Is it ok to still wish you my lovely readers a happy new year being that this is my first post since the year started?? I think this is just a reminder of how MIA i have been from here. Well i`m hoping and believing you guys started yours on a good note! Mine started on so much reflection which has done me well. Can`t complain at all. There is actually no room for complaints at this point of my life 🙂

Happy Monday!!!!


January has been cold, wet, freezing and gloomy. It has been a month full of cuddling and bundling up in layers. Hot teas, scarves and warm blankets have been the norm of the day. I have also been listening to alot of motivational videos which have really had a great impact on me. Talking about feeling rejuvenated and having a positive mindset! Can`t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me!

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