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On A Personal Note….


Last week was life changing! This might be a little bit TMI (too much Info), as the average person would call it, and sharing it here on the blog is something that i`ve been debating for days now. But hey, when that inner voice keeps on pushing you to the limit, to that very far edge, you know you need to pull yourself together and get things done. In my case it`s going to be an emotional one, one that i hope to never ever have to put in words again.

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Classics Part 2: Timeless Pieces


Happy New Month Loves 🙂

This post is going to start on a motivational note just because that`s what i`ve been into in the last couple of weeks. This year my main goal is to Break the Plateau and move higher in what God has planned out for me. Whether it is in my life, job, mental and phyiscal state or anything that i lay my hands on. I am so ready to get out of my comfort zone and say more “Yes” to opportunities that come along my way.

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Classics Part 1: Casual Vibes


Is it ok to still wish you my lovely readers a happy new year being that this is my first post since the year started?? I think this is just a reminder of how MIA i have been from here. Well i`m hoping and believing you guys started yours on a good note! Mine started on so much reflection which has done me well. Can`t complain at all. There is actually no room for complaints at this point of my life 🙂

Happy Monday!!!!


January has been cold, wet, freezing and gloomy. It has been a month full of cuddling and bundling up in layers. Hot teas, scarves and warm blankets have been the norm of the day. I have also been listening to alot of motivational videos which have really had a great impact on me. Talking about feeling rejuvenated and having a positive mindset! Can`t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me!

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Feeling Grateful


It feels amazing to write a final post for this year! First of all i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Ours was a chilled and enjoyable one with family and friends. And we have made it this far my dear friends! Can we just take a minute to thank God for this amazing opportunity? God has been so so faithful to me and my family. The most important gift that he gave us throughout the year is that one of Life and good Health 🙂 Though i`ve had some downfalls here and there i`ve learnt to take all that comes my way positively. I guess the most important lesson that i learnt is that i have the choice to be Happy or not. That was the biggest eye opener for me if i`m quite honest. It has also been an eye opener of how much more successful, better skilled I could be if only I said yes and became more open to failing a few times and then finally getting it right!


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Stylish Instincts


It seems like forever since i last made a post! My oh my, trust you me when i tell you it feels so good to be back again! Life has been really busy if i`m quite honest and if you are aware of how depressing this Europe weather can be at times, then i`m sure you already know how COLD it has been in the last couple of months. For some strange reason we actually didn`t experience Fall this year. I`m telling you guys, i wasn`t prepared at all. It literally felt like coming out from a hot oven and going straight into a cold deep freezer!! Not cute at all.


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Blazer Crush


What a week it has been! So many things to tackle in a short period of time. Last week was a birthday week for my boy which had a happy ending. I bet all mothers know how hectic and time consuming it can be planning out these special days for our babies. More so for a seven year old who knows exactly what he wants for his big day. Oooh my… Gone are the days when a child would get a bar of chocolate, maybe a pack of candys or cookies and some friends to snack with and call it a day. Continue Reading

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Sheer Perfection


It`s October now and as sad as it might sound, Summer is officially over! Did i mention the fact that we experienced a surprisingly warm September this year? That has never happened in my nine years of me being in this country! The wind is getting colder. The leaves are turning brown and falling down. People are layering up and walking around in cosy sweaters and scarves. It actually dawned to me yesterday that it really is that time to bring back my Fall wardrobe back to life! And with that being said, happy new month to all of you! Continue Reading